Driving instructor Ton van Glabbeeck

“I used to be employed by the justice department. In 2006 I decided to start my own driving school. My education and the experience I have gained over the years, working with people, allow me to teach and guide my students in a way that fits their personality and needs. I am certified to help people with performance anxiety. I think it is important that people, who experience issues while getting their driver’s license, receive the best possible guidance. I enjoy what I do and I think it is important that you as a student receive your lessons in a comfortable environment.”

“I think it is very important that students feel comfortable. When a person joins my driving school we will set up a personalized lesson plan. This will allow me as well as my students to track their progress. Each lesson we will go over the areas the feel comfortable with and the areas we feel need a bit more work. By employing this method I can teach each of my students at their own pace and prepare them for the final driving test.”